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Accessing the Voicemail Portal

You can access the voicemail portal from your university desk phone by pressing the voicemail button.  Then, when prompted, enter your password and press #

From an alternate phone, such as a cell phone, dial 919-918-1818, and then enter your 10-digit phone number followed by #. You will be prompted for the mailbox ID and then enter your password and press#


Options For Main Menu Voicemail Box

Press 1 Access Voicemail Box 

Sub Menu

  • To Listen to Messages, press 1 (Option not valid if you have voicemail forwarding to email enabled)
  • To Change mailbox busy greeting, press 2
  • To Change mailbox no answer greeting, press 3
  • To Change mailbox extended away greeting, press 4
  • To Compose/send new message, press 5 (Allows you to send the same message to multiple mailboxes without calling each number)
  • To Delete all messages, press 7
  • To access ComPilot Voice Portal , press * key
  • Repeat the Sub Menu, press # key


Press 3 Access Voicemail Greeting Menu (To record your Name)

Press 5 Record a New Announcement (Option only used for Hunt group, Auto Attendant and Call Center)

Press 8 Change Passcode         

Press 9 Exit     

Press # Repeat Menu   


Options Within “Play Voice Message”

Press 1 Skip backwards 3 seconds

Press 2 Pause/resume Playback

Press 3 Skip forward 3 seconds

Press 4 Skip to beginning of message

Press 5 Play Message Envelope (the date and time the message was received, and phone number it was received from)

Press 6 Skip to end of Message


Options After Playing a Message

Press # Save Message

Press 7 Erase Message

Press 2 Repeat Message

Press 5 Play Message Envelope

Press 9 Additional options (Replay to Message and Forward Message)

Press * Go back to Previous Menu