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The University’s phone service is moving from Verizon to AT&T. When our contract ends in 2023, Verizon is discontinuing the service we use. This gave us the opportunity to evaluate other providers, save money, and provide additional features that support mobile and remote work settings.

Impact of the Change

The move affects all campus phone lines, such as fax lines, conference room phones and main lines.


Some benefits are:

  1. The new service enables faculty and staff to use their computer and cell phone to receive and make calls from anywhere using a UNC phone number.
  2. Faculty and staff can choose to have voicemails sent to email. (Keep in mind that you may be receiving sensitive information and all University emails, including voicemail to email, are subject to public records requests.)


Beginning in early May 2021, we started moving phone lines, by building, in groups of approximately 2,500. If everything goes according to plan, it takes about 55 business days to move a group of phone lines.

You can see the buildings that are currently being moved, the ones that are up next, and the ones that have already moved on the Schedule of Buildings Moving to the New Phone Services page.

Next Scheduled Phone Line Move:  June 23, 2023


High-Priority Users

While our team is moving phone lines, we will still work on tickets and high-priority use cases, though there could be a longer wait period based on the complexity of the request, workload, and resources.