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Follow the steps below to submit a request for your high priority users to be moved to the new phone system:

  1. Download and complete the New Phone Number Request spreadsheet (see below for detailed information about each field).
  2. Submit a Telephone, Pager, Voicemail and Cable TV Services Request at
    1. Click on Request Service.
    2. Scroll to Networking and Telecommunications and click on Voice Services.
    3. At the top right of the page, click Telephone, Page, Voicemail and Cable TV Services.
  3. You will need to enter your chartfield information when you complete the request. If you don’t have your chartfield information, work with your business officer.

Completing the New Phone Number Request Spreadsheet

When completing the spreadsheet, indicate whether the users are receiving new phone numbers or keeping their existing phone numbers at the top of the spreadsheet.  Complete a separate sheet for each type.

In this field… Enter this information…

Name The name of the person associated with the phone linePhone NumberThe current phone number that’s changing to the new systemRoomThe room number or name where the phone is locatedEmail addressThe email address of the person who will have access to manage the account passwords for the phone numberCaller ID nameThe name that needs to be displayed on the caller IDCaller ID NumberThe number that needs to be displayed on the caller IDActivate Voicemail? (Y/N)Enter Y if the voicemail box needs to be turned on to receive messages. Enter N if voicemail doesn’t need to be turned on.Voicemail/Email? (Y/N)Enter Y if the voicemail to email needs to be activated. If the emails need to go to an email address other than the email in the email field, enter the email address here. Enter N to not activate voicemail to email.International Calling? (Y/N)Enter Y if the phone line needs international calling. Enter N if domestic long distance is sufficient.Premium Client Desktop or Mobile?Enter Premium Client Desktop to add the upgraded Communicator software to this phone line. Enter Mobile to add the upgraded mobile client to this phone line. Note: All phone lines come with the Basic Communicator software. ITS will pay for one upgraded client. If you need both, your department is responsible for the cost of the second client.

High-priority Users

As a reminder, high priority users are:

  1. Lines/users of 20 or less that answer public-facing numbers or
  2. Faculty and staff who make external calls to research subjects, patients, parents, and students and do not want to expose their personal phone numbers.
  3. Offices of Deans and Vice Chancellors